The 2017 assigned divisions can be seen in the table below.

327Caveman with Cloud 2845Team Duct Tape
731Wannabee Strange3486Techno Warriors Advanced
3846Maelstrom3888Greased Lightning
5494Oscar4100Darbots 1
5795Back to the Drawing Board4717Mechromancers
5937Renaissance Robotics4745Thorn's Army
5970Ambassadors4886Robo Junkies
6209ViperBots Venom4902Team CHAOS
6299ViperBots QuadX4962Rockettes
6510CyberSharks5064Aperture Science
7079Faltech5998LASA Ultra Violet
7161ViperBots Hydra6047Twisted Axles
7209Tech Hogs Robotics6433Neutrinos
7477Super 76566Circuit Breakers
7802Challenge Accepted6832Iron Reign
7826Mini-Moose6990Static Void
8366Dragon Domination7083Tundrabots
8373Diva Force7172Technical Difficulties
8569RoboKnights7300Guzzoline Robotics
8651Wait For It7373Eagle Robotics - Carbon Fiber
8668Error 404 - Team Name Not Found7842Browncoats
8811Robo*Bison Amistad8418The League of Legendary Scientists
8815Iron Eagles Silverbolt84774-H Rohming Robots
8908Robo Mojo8609Blue Crew, too
9010Robotic Rangers8626The Prototypes
9048Philobots8886Saber Robotics
9071Plainview Robotics 29110WiredCats Omega
9779PIEaters9778Robotic Chinchillas
9879Root Negative One9829MAKbots
10068Duct-Ties & Zip-Tape9875LASA MurPHy
10165Apex Predators9958Redfish Robotics
10337Dark Matter10005Diatomic Dingos
10345Royal Blue11096East Cobb Robotics
11383Fortissimus11524Team Name Wanted: Dead or Alive
11549Rhomans11572Mouse Spit