Tiaras and Suspenders!

We’re not just about robots, we like to have a little fun during the event, too!  Everyone is encouraged (not required) to bring your favorite tiara or crown and show your royalty for Tiara Friday, and wear your favorite suspenders for Suspender Saturday.  Looking forward to all the cool gear!

South Super-Regional Advancing Teams Updated

Want to get to know all the teams going to the South Super-Regional in 2017?  Check out the Advancing Teams page for links to most of the teams!  If you want to update your team’s link, let us know at info@ftcsouth.org.

Compass and Promote Award Submissions

The process for submitting Compass and Promote Award Videos has just been posted!  Visit the Compass and Promote Awards page under Teams for more information.

Updated Team Info!

Some of the team information has just been updated!  New items include: Team Schedules (upcoming publishing date), Lunch Pre-Orders, Team Social, Information for teams to invite VIPs for tours, and Robot Doctor.

11 Weeks Away…

It’s hard to imagine that over the next 11 weeks, all of the State competitions will be held and all advancing teams will be known.  So far, two teams have advanced from the Arkansas Championship held in December, and more teams will be advancing from the upcoming Alabama Championship on January 21.  We are excited …

FTCSouth.org is Live

Welcome to the new http://ftcsouth.org web site, where you can find all the information for the 2017 FTC South Super Regional Championship.  This is mostly just to test the integration with Facebook, so it’s a boring post.

Want to volunteer?

We like all our volunteers.  No, scratch that.  We LOVE our volunteers.  What’s not to love?  They are, quite literally, the lifeblood of the FIRST community.  Do know what would make our group of volunteers even better?  You!

Super Regional Championships

Starting with the 2017 Velocity Vortex Challenge, Georgia will host the FIRST Tech Challenge South Super-Regional Championship.  Washington will be the new host for the West Super-Regional, and Pennsylvania and Iowa will remain as hosts for the East and North regions, respectively.