Team Load-In Procedure

Overnight Trailer Parking Signup

Because of the limited space behind the venue at the loading dock, and due to construction of a new attached hotel opening Fall 2017, we’ve created a load-in schedule for teams to follow.

Only four individuals are allowed per team to perform load-in activities.  They can be anyone associated with the team, and do not have to be team members.  At least one adult mentor must attend load-in so that they can go to Pit Administration to check the team in while the rest of the group unloads the vehicle.

Steps for Load-In

  1. Teams arrive at the 440 Foundry Pavilion on Foundry St and enter the load-in queue line by driving down the one-way road between the Pavilion and the neighboring building (labeled “Start Here” on the photo).
  2. Teams drive along and line up along the side of the driveway that loops around the back side of the Pavilion.  The front of the line starts at the parking lot entrance.
  3. When instructed, the next team in line will turn left onto Foundry St., followed immediately by a right turn onto E. Dougherty St., and then another left into the loading dock area.
    • CAUTION: There will be construction traffic on the new hotel side of the dock area.  LISTEN TO THE FLAGMEN AND WATCH FOR TRAFFIC.
  4. Loop the vehicle around and back up to the curb as close to the building as possible, or to the team that has arrived before you.  There should be room for up to four trailers unloading at any given time.
  5. One adult mentor proceeds to the Pit Administration table to check-in their team.  Meanwhile, the rest of the group unloads the vehicle and/or trailer and takes all items to the team’s pit within the venue.
  6. Once everything is unloaded, quickly and safely drive out of the loading dock area.  Load-in is complete!

For teams renting a parking space at the Pavilion

  1. A parking pass should be in your team packet that you just received at team check-in.  You will need this pass displayed on your vehicle or trailer to be able to park in the Pavilion lot.  To purchase your pass, visit the Pavilion Parking Signup.
  2. Once done with load-in, turn right out of the loading dock area onto E. Dougherty St.  Turn left onto Foundry St. and enter the Pavilion parking lot area on the right.
  3. Follow the instructions of the parking attendant and security personnel.  They will help you park your vehicle in a proper location based on your parking reservation and size of vehicle.
  4. Lock your vehicle and/or trailer before you leave.  Neither The Classic Center nor GeorgiaFIRST is responsible for lost or stolen items.