This page is updated as general information becomes available.  Team specific information will be provided to advancing teams once their information is forwarded to us by their respective State Championships. Check back often for any updates.

If you have any questions, please contact Team Relations at

Travel Within Athens

When getting around Athens, what better way to travel than by using the local transit system?  The Athens Area Transit System, a.k.a. “The Bus” provides routes all over Athens, and best of all, it’s free for all youth age 17 and under!  Only adults need to pay the $1.75 fare ($1.00 or less for Senior Citizens and Disabilities).


  • Registration and Payment

Congratulations to all teams advancing to the South Super Regional!  Once your advancement is officially recognized by the South Super Regional Committee, your team will be receiving a packet providing registration, payment, transportation, and hotel information.  Instructions on what to do to complete the registration process will be provided in the packet.

  • Shipping Robots To and From the Classic Center

The Classic Center Exhibitor Services, our Operations Coordinator, will assist with the shipping process.  There is a fee of $25 per package or $50 per 100 pounds to receive and store shipments.  There is no charge for the arrangement of leaving boxes for return shipment as long as shipping is prepaid, the label is on, and the pickup is scheduled.

Shipments to The Classic Center can be ordered by clicking here.

Please make sure shipments are addressed as follows:

<Team Name & Number>
Georgia FIRST Robotics Super Regionals
The Classic Center
300 N Thomas St
Athens, GA 30601

  • Load-In & Check-In

Teams will be allowed to check-in and load-in their robots and pit equipment on Thursday, March 8. No more than 6 team members may load in and set up their pit, and must immediately leave the pit area once all items are loaded in and set up.  Robot work is not allowed during the load-in hours.  Only team members actively loading in will be allowed in the pits during this time. Details concerning the actual load-in procedure will be provided to advancing teams in the team packets.

Overnight trailer parking will be available from The Classic Center for teams to park their team trailer at the venue for the duration of the event.

  • Check-In & Pits Open

After the load-in hours, pits will open and robot work may begin.  Teams may continue to check-in during this time.

Pits are 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep, and will have access to a single 120V 10A AC power source.  An 8 foot table will be provided.  Teams should consider bringing a power strip for distributing power in their pit as necessary.  No part of a team’s pit will be allowed to exceed 12 feet in height.

  • Inspections and Judging Sessions

Robot inspections and judging sessions will commence approximately one hour after the pits open.  Time slots for both activities will be officially assigned and posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.  All Judging and Inspections shall be completed Thursday afternoon and early evening.

  • Load-Out

For teams not advancing to the Semi-finals, team load-out can commence immediately following Alliance Selections.  Details concerning the actual load-out procedure are provided in the Team Checklist.