Team Load-In Procedure

Click here for the Load-In Map.

Because of the limited space behind the venue at the loading dock, we’ve created a load-in schedule for teams to follow.

Up to six (6) individuals are allowed per team to perform load-in activities.  They can be anyone associated with the team, and do not have to be team members.  At least one adult mentor must attend load-in so that they can go to Pit Administration to check the team in while the rest of the group unloads the vehicle and sets up their pit.

Steps for Load-In

  1. Teams enter the parking deck off of Broad Street.
  2. Stay to the Left to go underneath the Parking Deck (clearance is 13’8″ on Level 1).
  3. Get in line behind/beside the Pavilion at 440 Foundry.
  4. When instructed by our load-in team, the next team in line will proceed to the Loading Dock.  This is done by turning left onto Foundry St., right onto E. Dougherty St., and then another left into the loading dock area.
  5. Back up to the loading dock curb as close to the building or to the team that has arrived before you as possible.  There should be room for up to four to five trailers unloading at any given time.
  6. One adult mentor proceeds to the Pit Administration table to check-in their team.  Meanwhile, the rest of the group unloads the vehicle and/or trailer and takes all items to the team’s pit within the venue.
  7. Once everything is unloaded, quickly and safely drive out of the loading dock area and take a left on E. Dougherty Street.
  8. Take a left out of E. Dougherty Street onto N. Thomas St.  Follow N. Thomas to the intersection of N. Thomas and E. Broad.
  9. Take a left at the light from N. Thomas St. to E. Broad Street.
  10. Re-enter the parking deck off of E. Broad Street, continue to the left for parking where you can safely park your trailer.
  11. Lock your vehicle and/or trailer before you leave.  Neither The Classic Center nor GeorgiaFIRST is responsible for lost or stolen items.
  12. Team members should stay behind to set up their pit in preparation for the start of the event. No robot work will be permitted. Load-in is complete!